Deli Sheets

McNairn Packaging has a complete line of multi-use deli sheets that are perfect for supermarkets, delicatessens and meat counters. We have a variety of dry wax treated deli sheets in different sizes and weights to meet all of your needs. We offer a specialty high-density polyethylene film that is not only grease and moisture resistant but has great fresh and frozen release properties. Custom printing available except on MHD.

MHD Interfolded High Density Poly Deli Sheets

Superior moisture and grease resistant qualities. Interleaver that prevents flavor transfer between food products. No printing.

MXM Interfolded Deli Sheets

Medium weight with grease and moisture resistant qualities.

Nature's Choice® MXL Interfolded Deli Sheets - FSC Certified

Regular weight with grease resistant qualities.

10" x 10.75"
8" x 10.75"
6" x 10.75"

MXL Interfolded Deli Sheets

Regular weight with grease resistant qualities.

12" x 10.75"
15" x 10.75"

Looking Natural® MXN Looking Natural Interfolded Deli

An interfolded medium weight sheet that works in both foodservice and bakery applications.

15" x 10.75"