Looking Natural® Natural Kraft Paper

Sometimes “Being” Natural is not the issue. You need to “Look” Natural.

We recognize that brown paper looks natural because it is an earth tone. So for those of you who just need to “Look” Natural, we offer items made from natural kraft paper. Rest assured that our paper based products are made from a renewable resource, TREES! Natural brown papers can be made by ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) methods and will biodegrade. These are also recyclable when free of barrier coating or food residue. Recyclability and compostability are ultimately subject to adequate facilities existing in your locale. Our natural brown products are FDA approved for food contact.

Looking Natural® Kraft Butcher Paper

Superior blood and water hold-out properties. Hight tear and burst resistance characteristics, even when wet.

18" x 1000LF

Looking Natural® Pan Liners

Pan Liners help to eliminate clean-up and provide a sure release for product cooked on the liner.

16 3/8" x 24 3/8"

Looking Natural® Freezer Paper

A superior product that is perfect for the needs of butchers, supermarkets, caterers, commercial processors and packers.

18" x 900LF

Looking Natural® MNB Bakery Interfolded Tissue

Interfolded Bakery Tissue is used as sa pick up sheet for the sanitary serving of your bakery product from a display case.

Looking Natural® Dry Wax Basket Liners

Designed to protect the quality, value and integrity of food products.

12" x 12"

Looking Natural® Dry Wax Sandwich Wraps

For hot and cold prepared foods.

Nature's Choice™ Wrap Up

Interfolded waxed sheet that is BPI certified as compostable that has a natural hue.

Looking Natural® Grease Resistant Sandwich Bags

Grease resistant sandwich bags that provide performance and economy.