Supermarket & Grocery

Grocery, supermarket and food market segments are a quickly evolving category. It's not just meat and potatoes. It's prepared food and meals-to-go in store cafés, bakeries and delis, just to touch the tip of the iceberg.

Our products can be found in use throughout major grocery stores. A beautiful cut of beef in the butcher case may be displayed on a variety of McNairn Packaging's steak papers, like black, which draws attention to the top quality product on display. Even the patty paper between the hamburger and sausage patties could be McNairn Packaging's.

In the seafood section a shopper might come across our high-density deli sheets or butcher paper or perhaps freezer paper printed with safe handling instructions to wrap your purchases.

In the deli they will find interfolded deli paper being used to interleave and protect sliced meats and cheeses. The rotisserie chicken is packed in a crisp, sanitary foil bag to protect both the chicken and their car.

On to the bakery department, they might see a variety of baking sheets and pan liners coated with quilon or silicone for easy release. The store might be using our unique EnviroBake® pan liner. In the self-serve bakery case, interfolded bakery tissues or flat pack tissues are used for selecting baked goods. From there they go into one of our many bakery or bread bags for the trip home. The garlic bread is in a foil bag to keep the garlic and butter in and everything else out.

McNairn Packaging has the products you need to support these multiple formats.